MASTER S 400/500




MASTER S 400/500


Electric welding electrodes, aircoolers, INVERTER 400A/500A-400V CC/CV for welding all special electrodes and ability to connect with external feeder.

Technical Characteristics MASTER S400/S500:

Connection voltage: 380/440V- 3ph
Output ( 40°C):          400 Α at 60% / 500 Α at 60%

310 A at 100% / 390 A at 100%

Weight:          20.5 Kg / 23.5 Kg

Competitive advantages
• Ηοt Start and arc Force adjustment for optimised starts and arc control with alternative electrode types, guaranteeing flawless and stable weld pool control every time.
• Antifreeze cuts off the power and protects the electrode if sticking occurs during welding.
• Contact ignition (Lift TIG) in DC TIG.
• Arc Gouging
• Parent power supply CC/CV for Kemppi voltage-sensing wire feed systems and in-line TIG solutions
•The machines are suitable for use with power generators