Plasma cutting machine capable of cutting all metals (such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, etc.).

Based on a thyristor rectifier, resulting in stable output current, high reliability, high duty cycle, easy adjustment of output current, and excellent cutting characteristics. They have a fan for cooling, as well as overheating protection, low air pressure and low possibility of any damage to the torch head.

They are mounted on 2 compact rubber wheels for easy movement.

They are supplied with a three-phase current of 400V / 50Hz.

They have filters – a water trap for filtering air from moisture.

They are accompanied by a 6m handpiece

Technical Specifications PLASMA 70S:

  • Output current adjustable from 20A to70Α
  • Duty Cycle:                                     70Α/108V at 60%

50Α/100V at100%

  • Severage cut:                                                25 mm maximum

20 mm quality iron cut with hand torch

Technical Specifications PLASMA 120S:

  • Output current adjustable from 20A to 120Α
  • Duty Cycle:                                    120Α/128V at 60%

90Α/116V at 100%

  • Severage cut:   45 ΜΜ maximum

35 ΜΜ qualitative iron cut with hand torch.

  • Drilling capacity: 18mm in iron